Fleur-de-lis Sap Bucket


These hand painted Vintage Sap Buckets were reclaimed from old barns in Vermont. They were once used to collect sap from sugar maple trees during sugaring season.

These bucket are right at home housing umbrellas by your front door, wood by your fireplace or magazines in your living room. They also work perfectly as a planter on your front porch, to house a beautiful sunflower arrangement or even for a pet toy box.

Product Details

Material:  Galvanized steel

Size:  12.5" tall x 11" wide 

Please note: these are authentic, old sap buckets that were used many seasons to collect sap to produce maple syrup. Some have dents and other charming imperfections.

Each bucket is unique and will not look exactly like the bucket featured. This makes them special.

Willow guarantees 100% satisfaction.