Celebrating Vermont Artisanal Cheese

I love Vermont made cheese. Always have, always will. It just makes everything better.

Vermont is well known for its delicious artisanal cheeses. Cheesemakers in the state take great pride in crafting high-quality, handmade cheeses. Some of Vermont’s dairy farms have been in the same families for generations.

What you may not know is that the Vermont Cheese Council partnered with many amazing farms and creameries across the state to create an interactive Vermont Cheese Trail.


photo credit: livelocalvt.com


Exploring the Vermont Cheese Trail

What is more quintessential Vermont than visiting a local dairy farm or creamery and tasting their homemade cheese? The Vermont Cheese Trail includes approximately 44 farms and cheese producers, many of which are award winning. These talented cheese makers create over 150 small-batch, specialty cheeses, so there are diverse offerings for any preference. To make their many varieties of cheese they use milk from sheep, goats, and several breeds of cows, ranging from Holsteins, Jerseys, Brown Swiss, Guernsey, and Ayrshire.

When most people think of Vermont cheese, they may just think of Vermont cheddar cheese, which is amazing, but there are so many varieties. We are looking forward to trying burrata, handmade and smoked mozzarella, stracciatella, ricotta alta, whole milk ricotta, and smoked ricotta, scamorza, and smoked fetta.  


The Cellar (cave-aging) at Jasper Hill    photo credit: livelocalvt.com


How to Visit

Many, but not all farms and creameries, are open to the public, provide tours and tastings, have a farmstead or even events. It is always best to call ahead to make sure they are open or to schedule a visit since many of the cheesemakers run their own farm as well.

Vermont Cheese Council’s website is excellent and shows an updated map and locations of the cheese producers per region (Northwest, Northeast Kingdom, Lower Champlain Valley, Central Route 100 Corridor, Southwest and Southeast) throughout Vermont.


New Year, New Adventure

As a native Vermonter that lived away for many years and returned, it is time to go on a fun, new adventure in 2024 and be re-introduced to the beautiful Green Mountain state by exploring and supporting the true heart of Vermont, the hardworking and creative farmers and artisan cheese makers across the state.

We are eager to meet the passionate cheesemakers across Vermont and learn about each artisan cheese they create. Including their production techniques, ingredients, distinct flavors, and aging processes. 

Our goal is to visit at least 25 Vermont farms on the Cheese Trail in 2024 within the six regions and share special highlights about each farm and their specialty cheeses they create. Then we’ll create a charcuterie board or cook up something delicious with their cheese and share tips and recipes with you on our website willownola.com

We are especially excited to share each farm or creameries story with you so you can be inspired to explore the diverse range of cheeses Vermont has to offer, and perhaps go on your own Vermont cheese adventure.

Check out the Vermont Cheese Trail to learn more.



Vermont Cheese Trail Scavenger Hunt

While exploring the Cheese Trail, you can also participate in a free scavenger hunt, called The Hunt. The Vermont Cheese Council created The Hunt to be another fun and interactive way to explore Vermont’s beautiful landscapes and enjoy artisanal cheese.

There is a clue packet for each of the six regions of Vermont.

  • Complete clue #1 and four of the remaining activities or tasks.
  • Take a quick photo to show you completed the activity or task.
  • Upload your photo onto the Vermont Cheese Councils site.

You are then entered into a random prize drawing for a box of assorted Vermont made cheeses, of course. There were 20 winners last year! We can’t wait to participate. 

March 26, 2024 — Amy Smith Kyle

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